By 2025, there are expected to be more than 75 billion IoT devices worldwide.

        Penetration Testing

With the spread of technology in every field, IOT devices’ application areas are expanding and making our lives easier from different perspectives and provide efficiency in many fields. However, IOT devices are playgrounds of numerous attack vectors for hackers due to their multi-connected structure with a large number of end users and the critical data they contain.

Today, IOT systems are getting more and more complex every day. Each device is designed with a unique structure, communicating with different infrastructures for the needs arising from different industries and consumer habits.

Hence, there is no standard technical approach in the IOT field from a cyber security perspective. Each IOT project should be considered as a separate structure and should be studied in detail by a group of consultants which are experts on different fields of cyber security.

INVICTUS, has huge experience in cyber security consultancy in the fields of Aviation, Banking, E-commerce, Insurance, Public, Telecommunications, Military for years, also has a dedicated team for IOT security.

Since 2017, INVICTUS providing IOT security consultancy as the partner of one of the leading manufacturers in the world, VESTEL.