U.S.T.A. (GPACT Turkey) 2019 Cyber Security Report

You may find the latest edition of our classic U.S.T.A. (localized version of GPACT in Turkey) Activity Report for 2019 in this section.

Overview of Cyber Security Threats for Turkey in 2019

This report includes important forecasts about the future of cyberthreats in Turkey by means of evaluating the behavioral changes of cyber underground in the previous year.

The most distinctive difference of this year’s report is the fact that it includes opinions and ideas of U.S.T.A.’s team leaders, operators and analysts, as they are the ones who handle these threats in a more “hands-on” manner. This way, we aim to provide a look towards the perspective of an analyst in each of our fields of activity.

Of course this year’s report also involves different sections about each of U.S.T.A.’s (and GPACT’s) cyber threat modules which feature detailed observations on changing, growing and lowering trends.

We hope all members of U.S.T.A. to find this report helpful for understanding the ever-changing nature of cybersecurity in the region.

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