U.S.T.A 2018 Cyber Security Reports

As INVICTUS, We are happy to share with you the 3rd edition of our U.S.T.A. annual report in which we aim to share our overall perspective on cyber threats and incidents of 2018 in Turkey.

Overview of the Cyber Security Threats in 2018

Since 2013, U.S.T.A. is the most preferred cyber intelligence platform by the key companies operating in finance, banking, aviation, payment systems, e-commerce and public sectors in Turkey. 2018 U.S.T.A. Report reflects INVICTUS U.S.T.A. team’s point of view about today’s cyber threats and also vision and predictions about evolution of tomorrow cyber threat environment in the lights of many high-profile threats detected by U.S.T.A. deep web sensors, analyzed/neutralized by U.S.T.A. platform in 2018.

Below are the key cyber threat modules of U.S.T.A. platform in 2018:

  • Stolen Customer Account Intelligence
  • Compromised Device Intelligence
  • Detailed malware analyzes and Fake Mobile Applications
  • Strategic Intelligence Reports
  • Phishing
  • Stolen Credit Card Intelligence

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